What is the purpose of evil?

Being alive at this time as a human on Earth is tricky business. Chances are, if you are drawn to my work, you are aligned to the light. You have a purpose here that involves lightwork, you pray, meditate, and have a light-oriented practice that helps you stay balanced and aligned in the light.

But looking around at the world it is evident that not everyone is interested in the light, or in being a good person.  Some people seem to prefer violence and lack compassion.  Many are service-to-self oriented, and many will do anything to “get ahead” even if the consequences are detrimental to others and to the planet and her animals and plant life.

Maybe, like me, you have found yourself wondering how can people be so evil, self-centered, and destructive?  How can they lack compassion or worse, how can they find enjoyment in seeing others suffer?

This question can not be understood from the 3D state of consciousness, but when we step up to a higher perspective, there is an order and a reason…for EVERYTHING.

From this perspective, you can find FREEDOM and relief from the torments of this world.  I invite you to explore the duality matrix with me in today’s video.

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