What Is God Thinking? [Free Video Activation]

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Are you a light seeker? Have you had mystical, magical experiences, or do you wish to? The opportunity to have mystical experiences is becoming more accessible and more frequent as the veil thins and the energy of light increases.

Everything I share with you here in my email messages, YouTube videos, social posts, and courses is to help you gain access to the deepening and anchoring of the light within you, and to remind you that YOU are a mystical, magical, multidimensional being, and that the experiences you crave more of are within your reach!

I was touched by an activating, enlightening, expanding experience this week and I share it with you in this video with the intention that you may be expanded, activated, and delighted in hearing it.

Here is the video, enjoy, like, subscribe, and if you leave me a comment on YouTube I will be answering all comments later today. You can also leave questions or requests for future video content in the comments. Thanks for watching!