Transmissions from the Super Flower Full Moon

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Happy Full Moon!  May’s full moon is known as the Flower Moon.  It is also a Supermoon, which makes the moon appear to be brighter and closer than usual.

I have been communing a lot with the Sun lately, and yesterday, as I was watching the beautiful sunset from Anna Maria Beach, I was graced to be walking under the most luminous full moon light at the same time.

Last night I was woken up from a deep sleep by the moonlight coming through my window.  I felt as if it was tapping me on the top of my head, and the crown of my head felt tingly and buzzing with energy.  This is a clear sign to me that a communion/ communication is available and after a look at the moon through my window I entered into meditation. I opened my heart and made my attention available to the moon.

Then I felt my heart close a bit to squeeze out the communion with the moon.  I noticed this and I felt disappointed that my heart was not open to the moon, and so I asked my heart why it had turned away the moon.

I was shown all of the negative messages I had ever seen or heard about what happens on “The Dark Side” of the moon.  The theories of the moon being artificial, dead, inorganic, inhabited by dark entities, and such.  I saw a program of fear in my field- fear of the moon, or of some evil happening there.

And I’m a moon child, my Cancer sun sign is ruled by the moon! This program had to go, now.

I made a conscious choice to release that program of fear and negativity, which I did right then and there.  NOW my heart was open to receive communication from the moon.

The moonlight flooded into my heart, reminding me that the moon light is reflected sunlight, and it is full of love, consciousness, and light codes. I was inspired with a vision of a gorgeous moon, a living moon, an ascended consciousness moon that was radiating joy and pranic life energy to the earth and all of her inhabitants.  I saw all earth life consciously sending and receiving soul codes and life energy from the moon, and the moon was beaming with joy.  The earth had a companion in this moon, a celestial BFF, and they supported and nurtured each other, which in turn supported all life on earth.

I received the understanding that “This is how it used to be, and how it can be again, and how it is now, here.”  Here being the place where it is so, at this moment in my heart.

If this transmission speaks to your heart I ask you to join me today, under the full moon, and envision a joyful, living, conscious moon.  One that radiates love and pranic energy to all life on earth.  A moon of ascended consciousness that is not compatible with lower frequency presence.

Let’s make this Super Flower Full moon the most enlightened one we can imagine! 

Have a beautiful full moon, wherever you are, Namaste.

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