Exercises & Homework

Module 3: Exercises & Homework

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List 10 ways to reach warm traffic…

List 10 ways to reach cold traffic…

Exercise: Reclaiming Your Mindset Mantras

Where are you indulging in poverty/ lack consciousness?

Notice your thinking, are you thinking in limitation? Write down a list of areas in which you believe in some degree of limitation or lack.


Lack of:







Write an Upgrading Mindset Mantra for each item:


Time I have all the time I need to create what I am working on.  I have plenty of time. 

Money Infinite resources are available to me. There are unlimited clients who would love to pay me for my services.

Focus It is easy for me to focus on the task I desire to complete.

Continue until all of your poverty concepts have an upgraded mindset mantra and practice your prosperity mantras daily. Don’t just rehearse the mantras, to create lasting change you must practice the mindset shift as well. Feel the diference, choose the new state of being, claim it! Be it.