Timeline Shifting Lessons from a Mango Tree

I had an expanded experience last week, one that changes everything and leaves me in awe and wonder, and more grateful than ever to be alive!

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Here is the story:

I was in the middle of a normal workday and suddenly I was struck with an unnegotiable tiredness.  I know this kind of tired- it seems to come from out of the blue.  I will go from wide awake and productive to barely keeping my eyes open and an overwhelming urge to lay down in minutes.

Whenever possible I oblige this feeling because it is beyond me, it is a feeling that guidance needs my attention and it’s time to let the body rest.  Sometimes when this happens I can go into a deep meditation and get whatever is coming that way.  Other times, like this one, all I can do is lie down and sleep.

This is what I experienced…I laid down and almost immediately went into a deep sleep.  I’m usually a light sleeper, but I noticed when I woke up I had not silenced my phone and I had received 2 text messages while I was “out” that normally would have woke me from a deep sleep.  This time I did not hear them at all.

At some point there was an electrical storm.  This is not unusual, I live in coastal Florida and electrical storms are common this time of year. So while my body was deep in a sleep like state, an electrical storm was actively brewing above my house, and my consciousness was changing timelines.

What I saw and heard was… at the moment of a lightning strike, first there was that crackling sound…electricity opening a portal in the clouds.  Then as the bolt of light struck through the sky, I saw it ripping open the mango seed and awakening me into a new experience of consciousness.  Where I am still myself, but the old resistance has broken through and I let life happen with more ease and flow.

I saw a mango seed husk rip open and the embryonic seed inside was myself, as an embryonic human.  Then I was planted in rich, nutritious soil with everything I needed to grow.  The equivalent of this is an environment with meditation, positive mindset, the Alkywan photon balls, spiritual friends, and I saw myself sprouting up through the soil.

Another lightning strike and I felt it in the crown of my head.  My mind opened up and allowed this new consciousness to flow out of me.  The tree grows into a mature mango tree and grows fruit.  The fruit feeds the people.  The people are nourished and their consciousness grows.

We are all mango seeds.  The soil you plant yourself in is your free will choice.  You choose your reaction to your environment, your thoughts, your feelings, your perceptions. When the soil is rich with the right nutrients you grow.  Your mind expands out of the soil and you tap into a new level of awareness previously unknown to you.  The lightning is Divine inspiration, Source, God, always giving, always prompting you to BE the greatest version of yourself.

WE ARE DIVINE.  Eat of the fruit of the TREE of CONSCIOUSNESS and KNOW that YOU ARE THE ONE. YOU are the savior, the source, the good, the evil, the shadow the light…you are ALL OF IT, and you get to choose how to act in this play of life.  What your character will be and who you will grow into.

When I woke up I saw that only 30 minutes had passed, yet I felt like I had slept for hours.  My internet had shut down just as I had become so sleepy.  I resumed my work day, the internet is back, everything I had been struggling with before the storm has come into fruition.

As the storm is ending now, the thunder is just a rumble in the distance, I know I have emerged into a new state of ease and flow and the juiciness of life is rolling out from me like delicious ripe mangoes falling to the ground.

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