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I had a really interesting “waking up” experience the other night.  I had been asleep and I was awakened by my body exhaling the most powerful exhale I had ever experienced. I EXHALED MYSELF!

I saw myself being released from my body as my body exhaled.

I had the feeling that I had exhaled all of my fear, doubt, and smallness as I boldly move into this new Ascension phase with planet Earth and Gaia. I had the knowing that I was also releasing for the collective and for all who wish to join the Ascension at this time.

Next I saw a melting clock, like the famous Salvador Dali painting.

I heard the words “TIME STOPS NOW!” 

I got it.  If you are waiting for your life to change…STOP IT!  There is no more time to wait around for external forces to change.  You must make that change from the INSIDE OUTStart NOW!

That which you are seeking is seeking you.

All of life exists in a frequency.  BE the frequency of what you desire to have manifest in your life.  When you can hold the frequency of what you desire, you become naturally attractive to it.

Be present.

Be grateful.

Connect your heart to the earth.

Feel the sun on your face.




Be Here Now.

In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda

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