This Morning I had a “God Moment”

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Christian mystics and Neville Goddard share about the mystical interpretation of scripture, in a way that it is accessible and possible to assimilate, and I have been attracted to these teachings for as long as I can remember.
This morning as I was listening to one of these teachings I had a “God moment”. I wasn’t expecting it, or trying to have it, in fact I was just standing in the bathroom getting ready for the day. It just happened.
I dropped into my center and KNEW and completely understood in that moment that I AM the embodiment of Christ. I experienced it for myself, and it is the truth of everyone. We are all the embodiment of the Divine Christ Consciousness.
I saw a Divine Light tesseract as a 6D hypercube, but even that is limiting, it was a higher dimensional form that I have no words for.
I saw that within this complex geometric form is a matrix within which we embody the Divine. The matrix is made of light and becomes compressed density.
WE create our experience of this life through this embodiment and this is why there is no good or bad, right or wrong, there is only experience, play and creation.  What and how we project and react is the Divine experiment.

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