This ET encounter changed my life!

I have been experiencing extraterrestrial contacts my whole life. They have not always been the benevolent kind, however now that I’ve learned to raise my vibration and filter the lower dimensionals out of my experience, I prefer to call the beings I work with “extra-dimensionals” or “higher dimensional beings” aka HDBs.

Last week I had one of the most profound encounters with an HDB that I have ever experienced.  It opened up massive doorways of understanding myself and this life, and the deep connection we all have to each other. It also left me feeling emotionally expanded and challenged to integrate the complexity of the experience.

Two days after the visitation I made this video. It is not easy to put into words because spoken language does not have adequate words for higher dimensional concepts.  The experience was non-verbal, energetic, emotional, and frequency-based.

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Thank you for being on this miraculous journey with me.

Infinite love and blessings!