The Matrix of Awakening [The Alchemy of Ascension Podcast]

This week has been bitter sweet for me as my family celebrated my father’s life in memorial ceremony and celebration yesterday.  Family, friends and memories are such a blessings and I’m grateful to have had a father who inspired and made an impact on so many lives.  I haven’t sent email this week until today so that I could be fully present with my family.

Today we have three new Alchemy of Ascension Podcast episodes available for listening, watching, and download:

Deprogramming the Matrix with Franco DeNicola

Franco knew from a very young age his soul’s purpose is to bring clarity and a deeper understanding of the human operating system and our True purpose.


Journey From Disempowerment to Sovereignty with Louise Matson

Louise is an intuitive conscious channel, conduit for energy healing, best selling co-author, way shower and spiritual mentor and guide.


Crystalizing Our Awakening with Kristen Bielecki

Kristen Bielecki is an Awakening Soul Coach, Intuitive, and Energy Healer facilitating transformation on all levels of one’s being to harmonize Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.


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