The Double Mirror Portal 11:11

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Today is a very special day, November 11.  11:11 is known as a portal symbolizing the mirror reality we live in here and our opportunity to step through into a new reality each time we are reminded of it.  Whether on the clock or the date, or anywhere else the 11’s show up, a dimensional doorway is open and we get to choose who we will be in that moment.

Recently I went on a very powerful personal journey that took me through the double mirror portal, beyone the matrix, and into a very different experience of reality, infinity, and singularity.

That type of expansion is inevitably accompanied by layers of fear and shadow work to process through during integration.  I made two videos to share this experience with you, and I am guided to send them to you today, on 11/11, at 11:11am in my time zone.  It is my intention that sharing this experience with you will bring you your own expansion experience, that it will give you courage to work on your fears and confront your shadow (in the mirror portal) and that ultimately, it will bring you deeper connection and peace.

Here are the two videos, enjoy, like, subscribe, leave me a comment if you are feeling generous: