Swimming in the Special Sauce

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I was blessed to encounter a “sea hare” on my sunrise beach walk.  I want to rename them “sea orchids”, they are the essence of delicacy, grace, and flow.

The sea hare also occurs to me like the embodiment of the perfect expression of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  It’s body exemplifies both female and male genitalia.  Apparently they are a rare sight.

What I didn’t mention in the video is that there is an unlimited, infinite amount of “special sauce” and it becomes more available as we open our hearts and surrender to the flow of the Divine.

On this day dedicated to St. Patrick, you do not need to find a lucky clover. An infinite fortune already exists within you.  I am wishing you a day of marinating in joy, beauty, and grace.

In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda