Support for love, protection, and manifestation: The Heart Companion

Today I get to introduce you to Gail and Gregory Hoag of Metaforms. You may have seen them on The Alchemy of Ascension season 4, and if not you can hear their interview which is releasing on podcast this week.

I own one of their sacred geometry, scalar energy Heart Companion pendants.  I am so impressed with it that I am including it on the Ascension List, and they have extended a generous special offer of 15% off Heart Companion pendants to my viewers. 

Click the picture to watch the video and find out what the Heart Companion is all about.  (scroll down to the second video on the page)


This is part of a new section on my website called “Ascension List” where I share my favorite people, products, and services with you.

Everything on this list is here because I have found value in it and because I believe in paying it forward.  When I share these services and products with you it supports the people who made them and it gives you the opportunity to try the services and products that I love!