Let me Stir the Pot

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Did you notice the Super Full Moon energy yesterday?  I did!  There were so many traffic accidents where I live that my son’s school messaged parents that ALL buses would be 40 to 60 minutes late because every big road we have in Sarasota (that’s all 3 of them) had a major accident on it.

I also noticed people behaving in an “edgy” way.  I know the news is giving us a lot to get agitated over lately.  There is no lack of reason to get upset.

And yet, we always have a choice in that.  Life is intense, I completely agree and get it. Agitation can be addictive.  Emotions are addictive.  Drama, pain, anger, frustration, and overwhelm are addictive.

Think about it…I bet you know or have known someone who is addicted to drama.  If life is too smooth and peaceful, they stir the pot.  They bring up the thing that “so and so” did 2 weeks ago and get all worked up about it.  Why?  Because they need a hit.  Their body is begging for the fix that it gets when they experience the emotion that the drama elicits.  Even if it is negative, upsetting, or disturbing.

Have you heard of a “news fast”?  If you are used to watching or reading the news daily then you may be addicted to the emotions that the news stirs up for you.  Therefore if you go without news for a period of time, you may experience detox effects.  You might think you absolutely must know what’s happening in the world every day.  But what is that really doing for you?  Perhaps keeping you addicted to negativity.

Today I am going to challenge you to a cleanse.  If you are a daily news consumer, I challenge you to a one week news cleanse.  That means TV, newspapers, online news sites, and radio.  You can still talk to people…they will tell you anything you truly need to know, but do not ASK anyone for the news.  If they tell you unprompted it’s ok. (and they will)

If you have already given up news, congrats! I challenge you to give up negativity in whatever way you have been indulging in it. Gossip, your Facebook feed, or the convenience store clerk that always knows the latest conspiracy theory.  For one week, just say “No thank you”.  Smile and move on.

Then choose something beautiful to focus on instead.  Every time you want to turn on the news, think of something you are grateful for, or something you love.  Focus for 30 seconds.  And let the urge pass. If it doesn’t pass you can always watch cute cat videos 😉

Let me know how it goes, I would love to hear what this brings up for you and how you feel at the end of the week. I gave up news 25 years ago.  I don’t even listen to NPR (yes, that’s still news).  I find that if it’s something I need to know, someone will tell me.  

In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda

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