Spiritual Elitism: are You being Manipulated? 🎮

As I’ve been browsing videos in the spiritual genre there seems to be an escalation of spiritual teachers claiming to be at the upper realms of a hierarchy, council, federation, round table, or the unique receiver of info from a master or ascended being who exclusively speaks to them.


When a spiritual mentor uses these tactics in order to gain your reverence there is likely some elitism and manipulation going on.


The simple truth is…Hierarchies are of ego, not of the heart.


Teachers who place themselves ABOVE YOU are manipulating you.


Authentic teachers are the ones who bring us OUT of EGO, into our hearts, and remind us to LOVE, FORGIVE, and to be KIND.
Authentic teachers love and respect their following and demand NOT to be placed on a pedestal.
Authentic teachers will cause You to THINK for Yourself and find your INNER TRUTH and connection (rather than looking outside of yourself
They will cause you to find more joy, more love, more connection, more peace, and to live from your heart rather than your ego

Join me for today’s video “Spiritual Elitism: Are You Being Manipulated?”

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