Promo Center

Welcome to the Promo Center for the Alchemy of Ascension VI.  The summit begins on September 18, 2022.  The promotion period is from September 3-September 17, 2022.  This is our collective effort and opportunity to have a MASSIVE reach and to have our messages make a powerful positive ripple throughout the collective!

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The list is in alphabetical order by first name.

  • Adrien Blackwell:
  • Allison Pelissier:
  • Amar:
  • Amy Mercree:
  • Ana Paula Munoz:
  • Asil Toksal:
  • Bridget Renee Holliday:
  • Chiraya Dharma:
  • Daniel Scranton:
  • Dayna Dunbar:
  • Debra Giusti:
  • Honi Borden:
  • Ismael Perez:
  • Joan of Angels:
  • Dr Karen Kan:
  • Kyle Boyd & Leah Rush:
  • Laura Eisenhower:
  • Lightstar:
  • Lori Spagna:
  • Lotus Sky:
  • Matt Kahn:
  • Meg Benedicte:
  • Nadi Hana:
  • Neil Gaur:
  • Phil Gruber:
  • Phyllis Douglass:
  • Prageet Harris & Julieanne Conard:
  • Randy Hatton:
  • Dr Sharnael:
  • Sheila Seppi:
  • Steve Nobel:
  • Tamara Caulder Richardson:

Speaker Graphics

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Adrien Blackwell
Allison Pelissier
Amy Lee Mercree
Ana Paula Munoz
Asil Toksal
Bridget Renee Holliday
Chiraya Dharma
Daniel Scranton
Dayna Dunbar
Honi Borden
Ismael Perez
Joan of Angels
Dr. Karen Kan
Kyle Boyd & Leah Rush
Laura Eisenhower
Lori Spagna
Lotus Sky
Matt Kahn
Meg Benedicte
Nadi Hana
Neil Gaur
Phil Gruber
Phyllis Douglass
Prageet and Julieanne
Randy Hatton
Dr. Sharnael Wolverton
Sheila Seppi
Steve Nobel
Tamara Caulder Richardson

Speaker Schedule

September 17: Waxela Sananda: Opening Ceremony

September 18: Matt Kahn

September 19: Sheila Seppi

September 20: Kyle Boyd & Leah Rush; Allison Pelissier

September 21: Lightstar; Lotus Sky

September 22: Ismael Perez, Adrien Blackwell

September 23: Dr. Karen Kan

September 24: Tamara Caulder Richardson; Chiraya Dharma

September 25: Daniel Scranton

September 26: Phyllis Douglass; Phil Gruber

September 27: Dr. Sharnael Wolverton

September 28: Steve Nobel

September 29: Amy Leigh Mercree

September 30: Ana Paula Munoz

October 1: LIVE SHOW 1pm-5pm eastern

  Honi Borden 

  Nadi Hana 

  Meg Benedicte 

 Speaker Panel (Live participants can ask questions)

  Bridget Renee Holliday

October 2: Lori Spagna; Randy Hatton

October 3: LIVE SHOW

1pm eastern with Prageet and Julieanne

2pm eastern Asil Toksal 

October 4: Debra Giusti

October 5: Neil Gaur; Dayna Dunbar

October 6: Amar; Joan of Angels

October 7: Laura Eisenhower

October 8: LIVE Panel VIP Show