Galactic Origins Masterclass

These masterclasses will be presented live on zoom video call for all who can come in person.  The recordings will be sent to you after the calls.  The energy of activation is equally effective on the recording.

Part 1- Masterclass

“Activating the Memories of Your Galactic Origins”

Do you have feelings, memories or glimpses of remembering being in a world that was different than Earth?  As galactic beings, we have experienced life in many stars, dimensions, realities, and even Universes.

This masterclass will include an activation to help you remember where you came from as a Starseed so that you can connect to your Starseed Origins.

Remembering and connecting to your Starseed Origins, for many, is like finding your long lost family after years of separation.  There is a sense of belonging, a feeling of being understood and the experience of being connected to a world that feels much more harmonious than many Starseeds experience on Earth.

Even if you feel completely at home and connected to planet Earth, your DNA is a collection from many races from all over the Universe and you can tap in to your genetic origins through the DNA.

Once you tune in and open to remembering, you can receive ascension frequencies, soul codes, and activations from your star family and collect soul fragments from your home planet(s).

Part 2- Masterclass Follow Up

“Amplifying the Connection”

In this follow up class you will experience an amplification of the connection you made in the first masterclass.

This will enable you to connect even more deeply with your origins, your star family, your ascension guides.

As you open your container even more you will experience a DNA calibration to your galactic origins and strengthen your connection to the Divine within you.

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