Enlightenment Package

In this power packed Special Enlightenment Package, you will receive 3 of Waxela’s most powerful masterclass videos valued at $97 each, a free bonus Ascension breathwork audio class and instructional video, plus the Evolving Consciousness Masterclass ($88 when purchased independently of this package).


This is what you will receive:

Masterclass Video 1:  The Andromedan Collective

This is a lecture about the Andromedan Collective, the Andromedan messages for us in this time of Earth Ascension, and an Activation Meditation from the Andromedan Collective.

Masterclass Video 2:  Seed of Enlightenment 

This video unpacks a download Waxela received from Source about The Seed of Enlightenment (hint- it has to do with the pineal gland, but there is much more!).  Waxela guides the participants through a timely message followed by an Activation Meditation.

Masterclass Video 3:  Shamanic Contracts, Earth Clearing, Giants, Ancestors, Entrapped Souls, and Boundaries

The earth holds trapped energy just like your body does.  The earth IS your body.  You can release stuck and stagnant energy from your body, and it is crucial that more people must help in releasing energies from the earth to assist in the massive upgrade that is happening now. Be one of the Earth Ascension Helpers, and simultaneously clear your body as you assist in clearing the earth.

Bonus- Free breathwork instruction and 30 minute guided audio class

Evolving Consciousness 5D+ Frequency Embodiment Activation and Anchoring  Masterclass 

This course will include:

  • Pineal Activation Frequencies
  • Heart Awakening Activation
  • Anchoring Divinity into the base of the spine and sending it up the chakra system, aligning the body with 12D  Central Sun and Crystalline Heart Center of Gaia Earth
  • Embodiment of Divine Frequencies 5D+ to prepare and allow the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to hold Ascended frequencies.
  • Ascension Breathwork training and class to assist in this process going forward
  • Meditation, Activation, and Alignment to 12D frequencies which will help the DNA hold the 5D+ embodiment

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