Ascension Activation Series

Welcome to the 5+ hour Ascension Activation Series, designed to help you deepen into your path, activate and embody your ascension frequencies, and receive step by step instructions on HOW to do it.

Session 1:  Ascension Activation Meditation Session
Go deeply within and activate your ascension frequencies, open the High Heart and the High Mind, commune with the Golden Crystaline Light, and receive DNA upgrades.
Session 2:  Ascension Masterclass Session
  • Clearing Your Shadow
  • Clearing the Clutter in your mind, body, spirit, & physical environment
  • Clearing Lack Consciousness & Limiting Beliefs
  • Clearing Filters & Expanding Vision and Connection into Higher Dimensional Realms
Session 3:  New Earth Ascension Conversation 
How to move forward and create the New Earth, 5D and Higher experience in YOUR reality NOW.