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Nicola Henderson is an Embodied Ascension client turned friend and now Spiritual Coach and Cosmic Mentor colleague.  She is hosting a wonderful gratitude series with the people who assisted her in her awakening and transformation over the last year.  I am honored to be a part of this series!

I remember when Nicola took the big leap to jump into Embodied Ascension Training.  She wanted it soooo badly, yet it was a struggle saying “YES” to herself and a new path which would ultimately lead to her stepping out of her job and into a transformational coaching career.

Now that she is on the other side of that journey, she is a NEW person! 

This is what Nicola has to say about her experience in the Embodied Ascension program: 

“I completed Waxela’s Ascension Training program earlier this year.  The program was filled with a group of beautiful, like-minded people, several of whom I still stay in touch with today.  I had inquired about Ascension Training at the start of my awakening journey when I felt suspended and strung between two worlds, doing my best to make sense of my new reality.  I hadn’t heard of the term “ascension” before, and was unsure as to whether this was an investment I needed to make.  Through my first heart activation on a call with Waxela, the answer was easily ‘yes’.
Waxela’s clear, ‘diamond-like’ & grounded presence is palpable.  She lead us as a group with strength, beauty, love and clarity and I always felt supported through the program.  Ascension Training introduced me to concepts I had not heard of before, with clear and easy to innerstand teachings and explanations of things like triggers, recoding, torus fields, twin flames, surrender, and the power of the heart.  The activations were potent,
and the modules grew solidly on one another and were easy to follow along with.  I had many transformative moments throughout the program, and I suppose what was most transformative was how I learned to believe in myself and know myself as a multi-dimensional being.  I was seen, I was supported, and I was nurtured to become who I’ve always been.
If you’re looking for a clear path towards raising your vibration and living a life of peace and joy I highly recommend Embodied Ascension Training.  Waxela is a strong and wise light leader and you won’t go wrong with the teachings.”
Click the image to watch the video:

In this video we get into topics including:

  • New Earth experiences
  • Empaths and their superpowers
  • Clearing Shadow Work
  • The shift that is happening all over the planet
  • Embodied Ascension and holding high frequency states
  • Gratitude as a practice
  • Nicola gives a beautiful light language blessing at the end
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