Is Your Financial Currency Flowing Abundantly?

Are you feeling held back by your money story?  Do you let the number in your bank account decide how you live, what you can or can’t do, or do you feel suppressed by lack of financial flow?

Or…have you mastered currency and stepped into empowerment, living abundantly by your choosing and not at effect of the numbers in your accounts?

I realize this is a huge topic and it is triggering to some.  We have been handed down so many stories about money, about limitations and lack.  We have been told that there isn’t enough, that we must be careful, that we must save for a rainy day, that money doesn’t grow on trees, all fortifying a mindset of “not enough”.

Many of these lack stories are woven into our cultures to the point that we don’t recognize them as the false, limiting beliefs and abundance blocks that they are. Much of society has accepted these indoctrinations as truth, “that’s just the way it is”.

Every time I send out a survey to my email list I get an enormous response to the questions regarding financial blocks and the desire to shift into more abundant flow of currency.  I know that we, as a community are ready to make a big shift around our currency consciousness, and that can be challenging…at first.

This video message is meant to lift your spirits and your vision of how to get into your abundance mindset flow.

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