STUCK in 3D when you’re designed for 5D is EXHAUSTING!

Chances are, if you’re a starseed and you’re reading this, you may be feeling disconnected from your soul family, your guidance and your Galactic Family.

Are you feeling:

  • Like you’re here on a mission but no one will tell you WHAT that mission is?
  • Homesick and longing for your family, even when you’re at home with your family?
  • A stirring in your SOUL urging you to find like-minded community?

Living in 3D when you are designed for 5D is tough, tricky, and exhausting! I know how difficult the struggle is because I felt that way too.

There was a time when I wasn’t willing to let down my walls (which were there for good reason, being an empath, those walls made me feel safe), so I wasn’t able to embody my PURPOSE and step into visibility, allowing myself to be seen and heard.

I didn’t have fulfilling relationships because I didn’t think anyone understood the real me, and I felt homesick and alone, even when I was with my family.

There was even a time when my galactic family and guidance was reaching out to me and I wanted nothing to do with them, because I was afraid and I felt stuck.

That was all before I understood the Alchemy of Ascension. The embodiment practices, trauma release, and expansion to connect with my galactic guides didn’t happen for me overnight. I know now that the decades of work I did were invaluable because they led me to master the Path of Embodied Ascension.  Everything I experienced, even the darkest, most difficult moments, were for a greater purpose.

Those experiences gave me compassion for all who are struggling on their ascension journey and led me to design a step by step course for others to follow so that you can have a much smoother journey.

That course is Embodied Ascension Training, a 6 month intensive program that is the blueprint for Ascension to the New Earth experience. In this program you will:

  • Unlock the code to your soul’s purpose, your reason for being here now!
  • Uncover, activate, and gain confidence in your spiritual gifts and learn to trust in your innate wisdom.
  • Understand who you are as a being of light, an ambassador for the soul codes you brought with you into this lifetime.
  • Gain access to your soul’s wealth, becoming magnetically attractive to the resources you need to serve your highest purpose.

If you know in your heart that this is exactly what you need right now, you can get the details and register by booking a call here.

You CAN feel connected, loved, cherished, and understood.  You can connect to your guides and starseed family.  You can know and embody your purpose, your reason for being here now.  You may just need some direction and guidance.


It’s time to shine like the star you are and step into serving your mission. The people you are here to serve are waiting for you, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to feel fulfilled and delighted to be here. That is what happens when you embody your purposelife becomes fun and you feel free!

I believe in YOU, and this is our time to shine!

My team and I are here for you.  Book a call now to enroll in Embodied Ascension Training today!

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The call is free, the training is priceless, and YOU are worth it! Take a leap of faith, if you feel this and you know I’m speaking to you, book a call and speak to me. Let’s move to the higher frequencies together and make this shift happen!