I’m Calling You OUT!

Do any of these statements sound like you…

  • “I often feel lonely, I have trouble connecting with my partner, friends, or family members.  People don’t really understand me, I don’t seem to “fit in” anywhere.”
  • “I sometimes feel melancholy, tired, and I don’t feel like I belong here. I experience feelings of disempowerment, or feel cut off from divine source.”
  • “Sometimes I wonder “What’s the point?” Maybe I’m a starseed on a mission, but I don’t have the tools or understanding of how to do what I came here to do.  I wish I knew my purpose.”

If so, we need to talk.

I spent many years of my life feeling disconnected from the people and communities around me.  I didn’t think anyone really understood my spiritual path, and I deeply desired to be understood and loved in a way that let me feel safe to show the world who I truly am.

I spent many years (decades) soul searching, meditating, and still not feeling deeply connected to humanity and this life on Earth. I felt more comfortable meditating and communing with the stars and my guides than I did participating in 3D Earth life.  Some days I felt like I was just waiting to go back “home”.

Then I had a powerful heart opening experience and the DIVINE showed me the path and gave me the tools to transform my feelings of separation into deep, satisfying connections with other people, with nature, the earth, and with all of life!

I was guided to share this transformation and create an Embodied Ascension Training course to assist those on the Ascension path who need the kind of help and support I received in my transformation. This is MY PURPOSE, to assist starseeds, empaths, sensitive and spiritual people in BLOSSOMING into your divine TRUTH!

Divine guidance has shown me the importance of holding a high vision of an awakened future, to be ready to create, hold, and amplify this vision because the time for bridging from the old earth to the New Earth is NOW.  Our bodies, our minds, and our emotions must be honed, practiced, and able to make this transition.  Are you ready?

The group who will be navigating this bridging time with me in Embodied Ascension Training is a group of powerful lightworkers (whether you realize it yet or not) who are instrumental in ushering in the NEW Earth Ascended frequencies. This group must be able to hold and transmit the higher energies as they stream in, this is the embodiment practice.

The 2021/2022 Embodied  Ascension Training cohort is filling fast. There are still individuals who are meant to do this work with me and with your soul family who will be in this Embodied Ascension Training pod.

If you KNOW that this is for you, If you have been putting off your spiritual practice due to time, money, or self worth…this is happening NOW, there is no more time to waste!  

What will life be like if you continue to stall, to wait for “the right time”? Do you think things will get better if you don’t make the effort to create the change you desire?  Things will not get better if you are frozen in place, if you stay stuck, if you don’t take an active roll in your transformation.

The time is now.  If I am speaking to you I know you feel it as you read these words.  I am calling you out!  

Book Your Free Call Here to chat with me or my team and find out if Embodied Ascension Training is a good fit for you. If it is you will be invited into the program.  There is no obligation.  You won’t know unless you book a call.  We are so excited and delighted to speak with you, no matter
what happens, so go ahead and make the move, book a call and find out what it’s all about!


What if 2022 could be your BEST YEAR YET?  It can!  It WILL BE, when you have the support, connection, and direction you’ve been craving.