If you want the New Earth, take action now!

Society is crumbling around us. Old, ineffective ways must be eliminated for new and better ways to emerge. But the New Earth experience doesn’t happen through idleness, sitting behind the scenes, and waiting for the change.


Action must be taken.  Ascension is a personal choice, but it doesn’t happen TO you. It’s up to YOU to step into it in co-creative process.  Visioning and feeling is part of it, and ACTION is required to make any desired change a reality.


New Earth is happening NOW.  Choices are being made in every moment.  Many will stay in 3D, many will leave this reality, and many will step up into the New Earth.  There will be discomfort and change, things will get rockier before they get smoother and that’s OK because this is OUR time to SHINE!


This was a hard video for me to make.  It was emotional and raw, and I had to stop filming a few times to gain my composure.  My heart is so full of possibility, and I hold this transformation in my heart for ALL OF US!


It’s happening now, we’re in this togehter, let’s DO this.


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