Have you integrated your twin flame? ??

Have you heard of twin flames? Are you one? Are you searching for one? There is a lot of information, and misinformation floating around about Twin Flames and I would love to give a different perspective than much of what is being shared.

Misinformation: “Twin Flame” in spiritual terms means an aspect of your soul is embodied in another person, and if you are fortunate enough to meet that other person you will join together and be in spiritual ecstasy for the rest of your days on earth, then you will ascend together.

I’m not saying this is impossible, but it is extremely unlikely and unrealistic.

This is my experience and knowledge of twin flames…

The Twin Flame is something we all have access to, whether there is another person embodying your TF energy or not.  This is because the Twin Flame is a FREQUENCY, not a PERSON.  I experienced this first hand when my twin flame was with me for three years in body as a walk-in spirit, who then walked out of the body and left me with the natal (original spirit) of the body who I had no attraction to and there was not a frequency match.  Since then I have met my twin flame for brief periods in at least a dozen different bodies.

Years later I experienced my twin flame as pure energy.  I integrated the TF energy and reached a new level of WHOLENESS.

Meeting your twin flame in another person can feel expansive, explosive, and sometimes overwhelming.  It can feel as if you have finally found “home” and you may reach new levels of ecstasy and spiritual enlightenment.  Twin flame relationships can also be tumultuous, chaotic, and cause great upheaval as your twin flame is a mirror of your own being and you will reflect the positivity AND the negativity that is within you to each other. This can also be a great opportunity to do some powerful shadow work.

In my video offering today I talk about twin flame energy, how to ground it, embody it, and I read an exerpt titled “Twin Flame Integration” from my book The Love You Crave: A Course in Ascension, Alchemy, and Connection to the Divine.

The video has 4 parts:

Discussion of twin flame energy
Alignment meditation
Book Reading, and

Grounding techniques


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When you integrate and embody the frequency of your twin flame you become a match to your divine counterpart in all of your relationships.
In this practice your relationships reflect your wholeness. Instead of relating from the space of wanting your relationships to fulfill your needs, you now relate from the embodiment of wholeness and all of your relationships become more enjoyable and harmonious.