Good News About Your Ascension!

Major transformation often shows up as chaos.

Think about the concept of the big bang…imagine the fragments of debris from an explosion like that!

Over time the fragments and debris become polished, galaxies take form, new suns are born and gravity pulls solar systems into harmony. The Universe finds its way back to order, because that’s how it is designed.

As above, so below.

What is true for the Universe is true for our lives. The nature of our Universe is infinitely abundant and generous. When we express abundance and generosity we bring chaos into order in our lives.

Even when the outside world seems chaotic, your inner alignment leads to harmony, creating a pathway of order for yourself and the world. As we ascend we amplify and activate. We become more intuitive, connected, conscious, we expand into galactic awareness and ascend timelines. This is our grand alignment!

Great chaos leads to Divine Order. Divine Order leads to BLISS.

In this video, I share how to shift into greater harmony and peace in your life.

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