Saryon Michael White

Galactic Integration & Healing the Galaxy from Within with Saryon Michael White

Galactic Integration & Healing the Galaxy from Within with Saryon Michael White

SARYON MICHAEL WHITE is an author, spiritual channel, and global messenger of humanity’s peace potential. As an international speaker and intuitive consultant, Saryon’s workshops, conferences, and private readings have touched the lives of people throughout the world.

In the same vein as books like the Celestine Prophecy, Saryon has taken a truth telling through fiction approach to convey a series of highly relevant teachings through his new spiritual adventure series, titled after the main character: Roya Sands. The first book, titled, Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds is now available.

As a spiritual pioneer, Saryon’s explorations have led to extraordinary breakthroughs in the field of out-of-body travel, remote viewing, ET Contact, and multidimensional states of consciousness. Through a humble and down-to-earth approach, Saryon delivers teachings and messages of empowerment that bring the invisible into the experiential, making sense of a greater reality. As Founder and Teacher of the School of Manifestation, he acts as a channel and spokesperson for the Ascended Masters to deliver their trainings to those intent on embracing their conduit roles in the world. Visit for more info about Saryon’s classes and private readings.

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