What I Had to Give Up to Find My Truth

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This is a strange day for me. It’s my anniversary.  I’ve been separated from my husband for over a year now. We have different homes and separate lives.  We divide our time with our son.  We are friends, we see each other once or twice a week.  We still have family brunch many Sundays, and when our son has an event we sit together.  Love is present, and the choice to live separate lives was not an easy one, but it is a choice we made that we believe is for the highest good of all involved.

Today, after a full day of calls, I went out with two of my girlfriends.  When I got home my inner guidance prompted me to choose a card from the Animal Spirit card deck by Kim Krans.  I began to shuffle the deck, and somewhat surprisingly and unexpectedly, one card came shooting out of the deck.

It was the last card in the deck, the Cosmic Egg. The Cosmic Egg symbolizes “Completion, Harmony, The Infinite within the Finite.” This card comes with a beautiful message.

The final lines are:

“we hold on to life, and life holds on to us. The journey is complete, but it does not end.”

My question to you today is this…

What are you holding on to in your life that it is time to surrender, to release, so that you can step into a bigger version of your SELF? 

When you take the risk, make the change, step into the unknown, and claim your power, your TRUTH, your PRESENCE, your life will change in powerful ways.  What do you have to release?  What do you have to lose, and what are you willing to surrender for the greater good today?

In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda

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