Evolving Consciousness Masterclass

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This masterclass is designed to hold a frequency transference.  You could think of it as if you are climbing into a lightship that has been designed for you.  The experience/ activation begins at the start of the class (as soon as it starts, even before the meditation part) and it continues through to the end. It is best to be in a quiet, dimly lit room where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off or silence phones and other devices and put them in another room.  Set yourself up for a sacred experience.  This is a communion with your soul and your soul family.  It is a beautiful experience that can be deeply opening and profound.

You may light a candle to honor your journey and the guides who will join you.  You may also add crystals or other sacred objects that elicit alignment and assist in holding space for you.

Get into a relaxed state by breathing, relaxing, and releasing tension.  If you have a lot of stress in your life it may require some extra preparation.  You could meditate or do some breathwork before you begin watching. Be sure you are comfortable and in a space of receptiveness.

Tune into your heart, asking your heart to be open to this sacred experience of communion and activation.  If your heart doesn’t feel ready, give it some time to open.  Ask it what it needs to allow you to open the portal.  Listen in nonjudgement and be open to receiving.  Acknowledge yourself for your desire to expand and know the TRUTH of your being, even more.  You are a divine being of light, opening to receive deeper knowing of yourself.  This is a beautiful thing.  Feel the reverence for this sacred journey, knowing that it will guide you into your soul.

When you feel open, relaxed, and receptive, begin to listen to the class.  You do not need to try to make anything happen.  It is best to be an observer and explorer, something like a reporter, witnessing, noticing, exploring, feeling, and enjoying.  The experience will come to you, you do not need to make it happen, allow it to unfold for you. You are exploring consciousness.

When you return from your journey write down your impressions, experiences, thoughts, ideas, and anything that comes to you.  Some people enter into automatic writing at this point and receive messages from their guides.  There is no right or wrong thing to experience, whether you come away with a feeling, a vision, a download, or a sense of knowing. Whatever you remember is perfect for you at this time.  More may come in your dream state.

It is my intention that you experience deep states that will give you the expansion that is perfect for your highest good at this time.

Evolving Consciousness 5D+ Frequency Embodiment Activation and Anchoring Masterclass

This class includes a deep meditation in which you will experience:

  • Pineal Activation Frequencies
  • Heart Awakening Activation
  • Receiving Gifts from Guidance
  • Anchoring Divinity into the base of the spine and sending it up the chakra system, aligning the body with 12D Central Sun and Crystalline Heart Center of Gaia Earth
  • Embodiment of Divine Frequencies 5D+ to prepare and allow the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies to hold Ascended frequencies.
  • Meditation, Activation, and Alignment to 12D frequencies which will help the DNA hold the 5D+ embodiment

Bonus 1: Portal to New Lemuria

Bonus 2: Source Code Activation

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