Embody Your Divinity: Angelic Body Activation [The Alchemy of Ascension Podcast]

All of the Alchemy of Ascension season IV Podcast episodes have been posted, and now season V will be coming out week by week over the next 4 months. If you watched the Alchemy of Ascension season V, you know it was an incredible production, and you could benefit from watching or listening again.  If you didn’t tune in to season 5, I know you’re going to enjoy it.


Let’s celebrate, the AOA Podcast has reached 45,000 downloads!

Thank you for listening and sharing, it makes me happy to know that it is being heard all over the world.


New Podcast Releases:

Instant Clearing & Angelic Body Activation: Photon Light with Gary Kiss (Yes, I have shared this one before, and I think it is the perfect way to start off season 5 of the Podcast!)

and a short one:

Embody Your Divinity; a Channeled Message -Waxela 


You can also watch the videos on YouTube and leave us your thoughts in the comment sections:

Instant Clearing & Angelic Body Activation with Photon Light by Gary Kiss

Embody Your Divinity; a Channeled Message -Waxela

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