Embodied Ascension LIVE Masterclass Series

Do you have a burning desire to feel deeply loved and divinely guided? To know your purpose and to serve the highest good with your gifts? If so, keep reading to the end.

Spiritual expansion is sometimes accompanied by feelings of loneliness.  As you strive to deepen your connection to the Divine, the feeling of separation may become intensified.

The good news is that the love, connection, and spiritual mastery you yearn for is within your reach!

I have been an avid student of the Divine on a spiritual journey for 30 years.  During that time I have trained with many mentors, I’ve experienced amazing methodologies, and I have received massive awakening downloads from my divine connection.

I have also encountered false gurus, practices that don’t work and may even cause more harm than good, and techniques that take decades to learn and master, but that can be learned and mastered in a fraction of the time.

My spiritual path has ultimately led me to my purpose and service work, which is guiding, mentoring, and supporting people just like you to embody your DIVINITY, to anchor your spiritual gifts, to step into self mastery, and to be empowered in your ascension journey.

This is why I am offering the Embodied Ascension Foundations LIVE Masterclass Series. It is a fast-track, quick start guide to upleveling your spirituality, your presence in your body, and your connection to the Divine.

I have condensed 30 years of spiritual seeking, practicing, and teaching into the deep dive 6 month Embodied Ascension course.  But you may not be in a place where you have the time, money, or freedom to invest in the 6 month in-depth training.

After interviewing many people who are interested in the 6 month course, it became clear that I could serve many more of my followers with a shorter, less expensive course that is still packed with value and will give the participants a wonderful and empowering launch to your next level.

This truly is the time of awakening and ascension!  If not now, WHEN will you commit to your spiritual path?  The time is NOW, and I’m here to assist and support you, in the most comprehensive masterclass I’ve ever offered.

This course offers the foundational knowledge required for ascension as we move into the New Earth experience.


Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to transform your shadow programing so you can get UNSTUCK and start feeling happier, healthier, and more connected
  • How to use the RHOS system (Recoding the Human Operating System) to upgrade your frequency
  • Shamanic techniques to reclaim your sovereignty and personal power
  • How to shift your energy to become a “match” to your Divine Service and Purpose
  • Become spiritually activated and experience deeply fulfilling love
  • Embody divine bliss, upgrading your nervous system for 5D and making you irresistible to all that you desire

Become more mystical, more heart centered, and reach new levels of freedom and connection to the Divine!

This series will be LIVE online and it will include three sessions covering all of the foundations of Embodied Ascension and what you need to know to MASTER your REALITY during this pivotal transition from 3D to 5D living. This will fast track your evolution, your heart awakening, and your ability to vision and experience New Earth.

Session 1 October 27th 2021

10am-12pm pacific/ 1pm-3pm eastern time


Session 2 November 1st 2021

10am-12pm pacific/ 1pm-3pm eastern time


Session 3 November 3rd 2021

10am-12pm pacific/ 1pm-3pm eastern time

The price of this masterclass series is $555, the value is PRICELESS!  And just for being a loyal follower on my email list I want to offer you some special bonuses…

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  • Bonus 3 If you decide you want to take the deep dive 6 month Embodied Ascension training course after you experience this masterclass series, I will discount your program fee by the amount you paid for this course, so essentially you will be receiving this course for free!

Act now! This LIVE Masterclass will only be available until October 27, 2021.  After that is will be a recorded course at full price.  The recording will be sent to all who purchase the Masterclass.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Too much to read?  Here it is in a nutshell… get this transformational 3 part LIVE series HERE before it’s too late!