Do You Want to Activate Your Galactic Memories?

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Do you have feelings, memories or glimpses of  being in a world that was different than Earth?  As galactic beings, we have experienced life in many stars, dimensions, realities, and even Universes.

Remembering and connecting to your Starseed Origins, for many, is like finding your long lost family after years of separation.  There is a sense of belonging, a feeling of being understood and the experience of being connected to a world that feels much more harmonious than many Starseeds experience on Earth.

Even if you feel completely at home and connected to planet Earth, your DNA is a collection from many races from all over the Universe and you can tap in to your genetic origins through the DNA.

Once you tune in and open to remembering, you can receive ascension frequencies, soul codes, and activations from your star family and collect soul fragments from your home planet(s).

I know what it’s like to feel lonely, disconnected, and to feel like the odd one out in social situations.  I used to wish I had a guide that would explain to me why I felt so different from the “normals”.  That wish came true when I met and traveled with a shaman walk-in spirit.  I’m so grateful that I was able to remember and reconnect to my star family and my galactic origins.

I learned how to tap in and “pull a vision” of home planet for myself and others through guided journeying, which means YOU can access YOUR home star memories, from right where you are sitting, in this timeline, in this body, they are all stored within your DNA.

Activating the Memories of Your Galactic Origins is a Masterclass Activation Journey that will help you access your memories and make connections with your galactic family.
This is a two part series that retails for $394, and I’m making it available to you for $88 today while the Lion’s Gate Portal is open and extra light is showering in from the Sirius star system.
When you purchase the Galactic Origins package you will be sent Activating the Memories of Your Galactic Origins right away and you will receive a link to join the follow up class Amplifying the Connection live on August 11th at 12 noon eastern.  (You will get the replay so don’t worry if you can’t make it in person)
As an added bonus I am offering the replay of Portal to Expanded Awareness Activation which I recorded last week, and I have heard such amazing fedback from those who have experienced it.
So you will receive 3 activations for $88 and I HIGHLY recommend doing the activation journeys during the Lions Gate Portal, which is is at its peak on August 8th.
Click the golden banner to get your galactic origins package:

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