Do this now to usher in the New Earth Experience

Last week I sent out a video that had a big response.  Most were positive, and some feathers were ruffled. One thing that kept coming up is “What can I do?”

Today’s message is a follow up to last week, with some specific actions that can be taken, right now, today, wherever you are.  I realize I do not have all the answers.  You may be in a different place, a different phase of your life, and you may have some great ideas to share. I am opening up the comments on YouTube to invite conversation, collaboration and sharing.  Please watch the video and SHARE in the COMMENTS so that others can join the conversation.

New Earth is happening NOW.  Choices are being made in every moment.  Many will stay in 3D, many will leave this reality, and many will step up into the New Earth.  There will be discomfort and change, and that’s OK because this is OUR time to SHINE!

It’s happening now, we’re in this togehter, let’s DO this.

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