Free and Easy Coronavirus Protection Techniques

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I’m so happy that you are still with me, reading my emails and participating in my life story.  I had so many positive responses to my last email (the one about doing a news fast) and I’m truly impressed at how many people have given up watching negative programming. Kudos to you for managing your mind!

If you want to be healthy, watch your thoughts.  Today when I got home from a super busy day I flipped on a light switch and the light bulb POPPED with a loud bursting sound and a bright flash of light. It startled me, causing me to pay more attention to my present moment.

Oh! I realized immediately that I was thinking a negative thought.  It was a “mild” negative thought, one that was so barely negative that it slipped through my filter and I hadn’t realized it until the light bulb shocked me into awareness.  Does this happen to you?

No matter how much you buffer yourself, coronavirus reports and are pervasive.  So I want to share this power packed video interview I did with biohacking expert, Thaddeus Owen.  Thaddeus shares an abundance of free and easy ways you can boost your immune system and get aligned to higher health with biohacking techniques.  The best defense against any virus is a healthy mind, body and immune system.

In Heartfelt Gratitude,

Waxela (wa-shay-la) Sananda