Clearing the Lack Matrix: Activating Self Worth and Wealth

Clearing the Lack Matrix: Activating Self Worth and Wealth

Many of us were called to be here on the earth at this time to be of service.  To RAISE the frequency of the HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. NOW is the time you came here for so that HUMANITY can ASCEND to 5D with Gaia.

This class addresses:

-The CLEANSING that is happening now on Planet Earth

-The Dimensions are layered consciousness

-Clearing LACK consciousness and stepping into your SOUL’s WEALTH

-Clearing lower frequency entities and attachments

-Activating the Diamond Light of the Heart

I created this masterclass for YOU to clear your blocks so that you can live the life of your dreams!  I want you to know how worthy and valuable you are, and I want you to live your BEST life.
There is a POWERFUL activation in this session. It doesn’t matter when you watch it, you will receive the activation. Set yourself up to listen in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off your cell phone and other distractions, breathe deeply, and receive the activation codes that are in this transmission for you.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and your time is NOW!


“Releasing Attachments, Collecting Soul Fragments”

Audio Meditation- listen with headphones


Feedback from Clearing the Lack Matrix: Activating Self Worth and Wealth:

“Waxéla. Omg. You were channeling Source there. The energy and power of *Source* was coming down through You directly, and was being expressed through Your body. It was Source vibration without a doubt. That is why You were ~declaring~ with such amazing (real) power that the Lack energy/matrix was released. Wow… I’ve never seen anyone channel Source.  And You were live and in front of people and you didn’t fall off the chair with Source vibrations coming *directly* through You! This is incredibly rare, Waxéla. At least as far as I know, it is.  It’s the first time I’ve seen that happen… and haven’t heard of any Source channels? But I sure know what I was looking at there.  There isn’t a shadow of a doubt. 
And when the meditation was ending, and You deeply breathed out at about the 55 minute mark, I heard very clearly the words: “AND SO IT IS. “

“It was amazing, the first time I listened to it I felt asleep, I woke up few minutes later with my heart pounding. I decided to try it again, during the process, I felt light tingling on my left hand, a very warm sensations all over my body. I later started feeling cool air around my body. I visioned green and blue cloud on my left side, on my right I saw yellow and shimmering light brown. It was an amazing feeling of peace, and empowerment.

Thank you so much for agreeing to be in this planet.”
 ” It really felt powerful. I had been feeling a little sick for the past week at least once some personal deep fears as well as the fear of the collective started emerging seeing the current situation and it reassured me that no matter what I go through now or in the future I am divinely guided and protected. Working on fear in my life and not letting it dictate my life anymore has been one of my biggest challenges. 
After the class and the meditation I felt so much peace and energy again. During the meditation, when I was repeating the words tears were coming, I was shaking sometimes and I could feel so much light in my field.”