Ascension Breathwork By Waxela Sananda

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Are you aware that there is something stopping you that you just haven’t been able to shake free of?  It may show up as blocks, limiting beliefs, or old patterns that you have been trying to overcome for a long time but you haven’t been able to despite your efforts.

Are you feeling stuck in your old ways of being, wanting to break free to feel LIGHT and JOYFUL again?

Are you feeling sluggish, fatigued, stressful, or anxious about your life and the world?

I have a remedy for you, and it is way more fun than you think!

Maybe none of the above is true for you, and you are simply ready to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE.

Welcome to Ascension Breathwork by Waxela Sananda.

Where did the breathwork come from?

In 2019 I was on a deep spiritual journey that had me traveling for 2 months around Mexico and across the USA.  During that journey I had been practicing various forms of breathwork.  While practicing, Divine Source began to show me how to put a very unique sequence of breathwork styles together in a way that would change everything and accelerate ascension and enlightenment.  This was downloaded to me throughout the 2 month period, climaxing at the top of Mount Shasta in California with a 2 day visitation from an Ascended light being known to me as the Goddess Christis. I was shown the entire sequence and I was told to make this available to the participants in my Ascension Training program.

Now, for the first time, I am being guided to make this training available to more people.  I am offering it as an ONLINE course for anyone who is on a path toward higher self awareness, spiritual activation, and deeper peace.

This guided Ascension Breathwork course is designed to empower your intentions, liberate energy, and give you a deep experience of inner FREEDOM.  The Ascension Breathwork Series will  take you from your current frequency into a higher, lighter, ascended vibration, allowing you to experience greater joy and light within your body temple and your energetic being.

An integral part of Ascension is Shadow Work.  Ascension Breathwork is a way to expel years, decades, even lifetimes of trauma and shadow programming without getting stuck in mental analyzing, but rather through energetically expelling the incoherent patterns through this unique style of breathwork.

Waxela has been practicing breathwork and leading guided meditation for over 20 years.  This style of inspirational guided breathing meditation is unique to Waxela’s Ascension Training program.  It is a synergy of many styles of breathing, and it is not taught anywhere else.

When practicing breathwork alongside Embodied Ascension Training, your ability to expand and move energy becomes exponentially greater and more powerful.

Learn more about Embodied Ascension Training here.