Embodied Ascension Training With Waxela Sananda

I Believe in You!

I know you can do this, and that you are ready for it because you found your way here.. Something about this site called to you and here you are, downloading the new programming that you need to succeed in life. Congratulations on embarking on this inward journey of transformation!

We all have trauma, the human experience does not come without difficulties. Trauma gets lodged in the body when it is not fully released. In the Embodied Ascension course you will learn how to release stored traumatic energy from the body. Once you have found your shadow programs and done the work to identify, feel, and release them, I will show you how you can take it to the next level to recode them in order to have an upgraded program running in favor of your success.

Your life will change in miraculous ways! Are you ready for an upgrade?


What Do You Desire in Your Life?

More Love?

More Money?

Physical Wellbeing?

Feeling like you BELONG?

You can accomplish ALL of this, and MORE!

Unlock the code to your soul‘s purpose; this is your reason for being here now!

Uncover, activate, and gain confidence in your spiritual gifts and learn to trust in your innate wisdom.

Understand who you are as a being of light, an ambassador for the soul codes you brought with you into this lifetime, and gain access to your soul’s wealth and the resources you need to serve your highest purpose.

Go confidently into your life with new understanding of your spiritual gifts and purpose.

Ascension Training 6 Month Program

  • Elevate your frequency
  • Awakening to embodying and trusting your wisdom
  • Light Code Activations
  • Heart Activation
  • Tools to accelerate your transformation
  • Transform your relationship with money
  • Expanding, enhancing, and gaining confidence in your spiritual gifts and strengths
  • Becoming a generator of your reality (manifestation)
  • Breathwork
  • Energy work
  • Guided Meditations
  • Quantum Sound Therapy
  • Integrate your soul fragments to feel whole and complete, loved and accepted
  • No longer feel lonely and rejected and know yourself as ONE with ALL that is
  • Learn Galactic Shamanism techniques and gridwork

You will receive the extremely powerful Diamond Light Scepter Activation and training, as well as several other Divine Light Technologies which will be with you forever for you to use in all of your creative endeavors, making manifesting your dreams so much faster and easier!  

You will receive weekly guided meditations which will be encoded with activating light frequencies to help you in your growth and transformation.

You will be held in a container of energy work to empower your intention and this may be directed to physical, emotional, or spiritual wellness, or a combination of all 3 if you desire.

As an Ascension Training client you will be the first invited to VIP events and retreats, and you will get a special rate only available to current clients on future trainings and mentorships.

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