Ascension Codes for Activation

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In these shifting times of higher light frequencies pouring onto the planet we have an opportunity to stand in our power and claim the embodiment of our Divine Presence. 

Is there anything more powerful to do than that?

Wherever you are on your path of expanding consciousness; claiming your sovereignty, activating your soul codes, and choosing to be a conscious creator of your reality is your birth right (and your choice).

These are steps on the road to conscious life creation and self-mastery.  I invite you to participate in this video “Affirmation of Receiving the Activation Codes”.  This is not something that I am offering to do “to you”, but rather a ritual I am inviting you to experience with me, for yourself.

The time of putting your self-actualization in the hands of a guru has passed.  You get to activate YOU, and it is always my intention to serve you in that process.

I invite you to watch the video as if it is a meditation, feeling the words and receiving the meaning and frequency as a communion with your Divine Truth.  

I am grateful for your PRESENCE and participation.  If this video is of value to you, please LIKE itsubscribe to my YouTube channel, and leave a comment.