Welcome to Ascension Breathwork Series

by Waxela Sananda

This guided Ascension Breathwork Series will  take you from your current frequency into a higher, lighter, ascended vibration, allowing you to experience greater joy and light within your body temple and your energetic being.
An integral part of Ascension is Shadow Work.  Ascension Breathwork is a way to expel years, decades, even lifetimes of trauma and shadow programming without getting stuck in mental analyzing, but rather through energetically expelling the incoherent patterns through this unique style of breathwork.
Waxela has been practicing breathwork and leading guided meditation for over 20 years.  This style of inspirational guided breathing meditation is unique to Waxela’s Ascension Training program.  It is a synergy of many styles of breathing, and it is only offered by Waxela and the practitioners she has trained.

Each of the sacred sessions in this series will begin with a short discussion by Waxela, followed by increasingly longer breathwork segments, and ending with shavasana, and finally shareback and questions from the participants.

What’s included:

3  Ascension Breathwork sessions:

Session 1 class video is here:

Breathwork 1 audio of the breathwork  portion only:

Session 2 class video is here:

Breathwork 2 audio of the breathwork  portion only:

Session 3 class video is here:

Breathwork 3 audio of the breathwork  portion only:

Download the audio to listen on your speaker or headphones when you practice the breathwork.  The audio files have better sound quality than the videos.

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7 recorded classes

Intro and demonstration video

3 Breathwork discussion chats

Yours to keep forever


Teacher Training Certification (additional) $197

If you are a meditation, yoga, or breathwork practitioner and you want to upgrade to include Teacher Training Certification you will receive:

2 Live online Zoom teacher training meetings focused on breathing technique to hone your technique and anchor your practice plus Q & A (60 minutes each)

A certificate to print and frame if you desire

The confidence to share Ascension Breathwork with your clients

Allow 1 hour 15 minutes for each class. Classes will be Zoom Video Meetings online, not in person.

Purchase the Teacher Training Here: https://waxelasananda.com/product/breathwork-instructor/

This is a stand alone course, however when taking this course alongside Waxela’s Ascension Training, your ability to expand and move energy becomes exponentially greater and more powerful.

Learn more about Ascension Training HERE

I look forward to breathing with you!