Ascend Your Holiday Season : Black Friday Special #2

The holidays are a time of remembering the love and happy times we have shared with those who are present and those who have left this world. As the world gets busier and schedules get full, remember to create space for the sacred, the inner connection, and to nurture yourself as you are nurturing your relationships with others.

My intention this season is to be generous and make offers that will add more SACRED SPACE, HEART AWAKENING, DIVINE CONNECTION and SPIRITUAL EXPANSION to your holidays and the coming new year. I’m offering some of the most valuable work I have created this year at an extreme discount to make it accessible to those who were not able to make the investment at the time it was released.

As promised on Monday, I have multiple special offers for you this week!  Each product will be available at the discount price for a short time, and then it will return to regular price.


Special Offer #2:

Embodied Ascension Foundations Course

This is the foundational knowledge required for ascension as we move into the New Earth experience.Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to transform your shadow programing so you can get UNSTUCK and start feeling happier, healthier, and more connected
  • How to use the RHOS system (Recoding the Human Operating System) to upgrade your frequency
  • Shamanic techniques to reclaim your sovereignty and personal power
  • How to shift your energy to become a “match” to your Divine Service and Purpose

This series covers all of the foundations of Embodied Ascension and what you need to know to MASTER your REALITY during this pivotal transition from 3D to 5D living. This will fast track your evolution, your heart awakening, and your ability to vision and experience New Earth.As a BONUS you will also receive the Galactic Origins Masterclass when you purchase the Foundations course.This course is $555 retail, special offer is only $147!!! 

  • Valid for three days only, this offer ends on 11/27/21 at 11:59 pm eastern time

Click HERE to get the Foundations Course for $147



Special Offer #1: Ascension Breathwork Series

10 Ascension Breathwork classes that you can download and use in your personal practice forever for $97… get this deal before it’s over!

  • empower your intentions
  • liberate energy, and
  • give you a deep experience of inner FREEDOM

The Ascension Breathwork Series will  take you from your current frequency into a higher, lighter, ascended vibration, allowing you to experience greater joy and light within your body temple and your energetic being.

Get the Breathwork Series HERE

This course is $297 retail

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