Ascend Your Holiday Season : Black Friday Special #1

It’s that time of year where your inbox is lighting up with savings offers, gift ideas, and the buzz of the holiday season is all around us.

As Thanksgiving (in the USA) is this week, I invite you to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate all of the ancestors who have come before us, and to tune in to what you are grateful for.

In choosing what to offer you as a holiday special, my intention is to be generous and make an offer that will add more SACRED SPACE, HEART AWAKENING, DIVINE CONNECTION and SPIRITUAL EXPANSION to your holidays and the coming new year. I decided to offer the most valuable work I have created this year at an extreme discount to make it accessible to those who were not able to make the investment at the time it was released.

But then there are so many options that I really want you to have, so instead on 1 offer, I’ve decided to send you multiple special offers this week!  Each product will be available at the discount price for a short time, and then it will return to regular price.


Here we go…drum roll please! ?…?…?


Special Offer #1: Ascension Breathwork Series

 This guided Ascension Breathwork course is designed to

  • empower your intentions
  • liberate energy, and
  • give you a deep experience of inner FREEDOM

The Ascension Breathwork Series will  take you from your current frequency into a higher, lighter, ascended vibration, allowing you to experience greater joy and light within your body temple and your energetic being.
An integral part of Ascension is Shadow Work.  Ascension Breathwork is a way to expel years, decades, even lifetimes of trauma and shadow programming without getting stuck in mental analyzing, but rather through energetically expelling the incoherent patterns through this unique style of breathwork.
This style of inspirational guided breathing meditation is unique to Waxela’s Ascension Training program.  It is a synergy of many styles of breathing, and it is not taught anywhere else.
What you will receive:

  • Intro and demonstration video
  • 3 recorded training sessions
  • Plus 7 bonus classes (10 classes in all!)

This course is $297 retail, special offer is only $97!!!

Click HERE to get Ascension Breathwork for $97


Offer good through 11/26/21 at 11:59 pm eastern time

P.S. 10 Ascension Breathwork classes that you can download and use in your personal practice forever for $97… get this deal before it’s over! Share this offer a friend who would benefit from the wellness, trauma release, and heart-opening that breathwork provides.