Rev. HoniB (Borden)

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Video Replay October 3-6, 2022

SophiaKryst Consciousness Light Code Transmission with Rev. HoniB Borden

Rev. HoniB is an Ordained Esoteric Minister consecrated by the 1st Ray of Light under direct Guidance of Master ElMorya of the Seven Sacred Flames to assist Humanity To Its Divinity. She is an Ascension Alchemist, TransMedium TransChannler, Light Language Speaker/Teacher/Activator & Transmitter of Living Krystalline Diamond Codes of Light bringing through the Pure White Diamond Ray onto Sophia Gaia thru her Sound Vocal Tones. As a Galactic Shamanista, she delivers her Divine Earth Mission by Activating the Planetary Kryst Consciousness Grid via Magdalene & Yeshua Codes through the Rose Dragon Line. She is an InterDimensional Being that brings unique frequency onto Gaia Sophia as a Messenger of Light from the other side of the Veil. She creates Higher Dimensional Art, Jewelry & Clothing and she empowers individuals to return to their original Divine BluePrint in Remembering Their Source Origin. 

Rev. HoniB is dedicated to the sacred wisdom teachings under direct guidance of Mary Magdalene to bring forth the Voice of Divine Mother onto Earth and she runs a Sacred Divine Magdalene Heart Circle world wide. She is also the founder of “Ascension Alchemists” together with her Divine Spouse, Michael Abramson.

She facilitates private one-on-one Transformational Healing sessions and can be reached via email at

Free Gift:  “Master Krystalline Whales” Honi spent 36 hours painting and chanting as the frequency was coming in through the Indigo Blue, White & Gold Ray to be anchored into Gaia through the BREATH of Master Whales. Email Honi at to request the image.


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