Tamara Caulder Richardson

Activating the Presence of Christ with Tamara Caulder Richardson

Tamara Caulder Richardson, an International Evidential Medium known as The Southern Belle Medium, is a 6X Near-Death and Multiple Spiritually Transformative Experiencer including seeing UFOs. She is known as a Christ Channeler and ascended religious masters. After her DNA activation in March 2020, she also channels Ashtar of the Galactic Federation, Kyron, and the Sirian Council. Tamara is an Angelic Starseed that works for the Office of Christ, with Sananda (Christ), Ashtar, Metatron, the Sirian and Arcturian Council of Light, and the Galactic Federation.

Tamara is also an afterlife speaker and spiritual teacher directed by God and Christ for her mission here on earth. She is completing writing her first book called, “Love from Heaven – My Six Near-Death Experiences, the Gifts I Received and the Wisdom I Learned.” Her online wisdom school for truth seekers and spiritual leaders is called “Academy of Divine Wisdom” – School for Spiritual Ascension, and her YouTube Channel is, “Seeking Heaven: The Near-Death Experience and Other Phenomena” 

Free Gift:  “Connecting to the Divine Christ Light” Guided Meditation (a $99 value)

Special Offer $444: MASTER Course “Learning to Channel Christ Consciousness for Divine Guidance” (regular price $599)

In this 4-week master class, you learn:
* What is the Divine Love of Christ and the healing benefits
* Understanding the principles of Christ’s consciousness, and the mind of Christ
* Learning where your energy centers are, and how to open them to a Christ vibration
* How to angelically ground and protect while learning how to connect
* Receiving Divine discernment for better clarity
* How to trust the spoken and written word