Dr. Sharnael Wolverton

Shifting Negative Patterns into Gold with Dr. Sharnael

Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon – Swiftfire International author , naturopathic doctor , conference speaker , experiencer, researcher , specializes in igniting all to TRUTH and TRUE wholeness path mind , body and Spirit. Dr. Sharnael has done this in many ways , speaking in over 44 countries , writing 5 books including “The Science of Miracles” , “Keys to Third Heaven “ & “The Seers Handbook “ She’s also produced her beautifull Crystal Oils and Decree Deck . Dr. Sharnaels passion in teaching and Truth facilitate support to the masses on an international scale through her online classes, her membership “Swiftfire University”, her social media and her podcast Dr. Sharnael TrueTv. 

Her website: https://www.swiftfire.org; YouTube https://youtube.com/c/DrSharnaelTrueTV

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