Štěpán Auředník

Alkywan Technology with Štěpán Vitus Auředník

Born in the heart of Europe and considers himself an ordinary man in a controversial world. Stepan managed to crack the code at a young age and developed one of the most technologically advanced sources of natural photon energy. 

Contact with his products is often described as “Touching the Divine” due to their unique energetic properties, and Stepan always ensures that his inventions are scientifically verified. Stepan’s contribution to this civilization is described as an “independent labour of love”.

Alkywan Light Spheres are brought to us from the Angelic realm.  They are here to assist with individual ascension into the Golden Realm of 5D New Earth and higher.  They are also here to collectively assist our planet and humanity in this time of Ascension.  These beautiful Spheres hold the Angelic Code of the New Human Blueprint.

If you have your own Alkywan Light Sphere you can use it both personally and for assisting in this global Ascension shift.  If you do not have your own sphere you can also assist by tuning in to the Light Sphere meditations and amplifying the frequencies of ascension through your biofield and body and anchoring them into the earth and sun.  

The Source Light which is amplified through the Alkywan Light Spheres is available to ALL who wish to be a part of it! It is collaborative, expanding, and blessing all who choose to collaborate with it!

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