Joan of Angels

Step into the Miraculous! with Joan of Angels

Joan of Angels, also known as Dr Joan Hangarter, intuitive guide, oracle, transformational teacher, Host of ”Miracle Mondays,” best-selling author, visionary artist, and Doctor of Chiropractic, is known for the healing messages, wisdom and art she channels.
As an intuitive and Soul Mastery Coach/Mentor, with an M.S in counseling, Joan works with people who feel the call to awaken to their best self. The Soul Awakening Sessions and Soul Mastery Signature Coaching programs are for those who need support, guidance, structure, and the inner tools to discover their best selves, let go of what holds them back, and move forward with courage, grace and ease. For over 40 years she has guided, counseled, and uplifted people from across the world to align their body, mind, and spirit to reclaim their personal power and allow the leader within to emerge. In 2013, she was guided to paint 33 angels in 30 days, thus launching her work as an artist and a channel for these divine beings to assist you.

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