Jennifer Ruth Russell

Opulence Infusion with Jennifer Ruth Russell

Jennifer Ruth Russell is an Award-Winning Songwriter, a Spiritual Mentor, and a channel for Mother Mary. She’s authored 3 books in the Mother Mary Series, their new book is called Opulence Infusion. Jennifer has a successful bi-weekly Podcast called “Morning Light Meditations.”

Her intimate partnership with Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, and Saint Germain, is the unseen force that founded and directs the Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy. Jennifer’s life’s vision is to empower Lightworkers to take back their money power and step into their sovereignty. Jennifer has been a spiritual mentor for over 19 years. She trained at Agape International Spiritual Center under Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Free Gift: “Unlock your ‘New Opulence’ light codes.” is a free sound healing from Jennifer Ruth Russell. Experience a release of the old way of doing money and step into a whole new way of receiving and creating with the Divine Feminine. When you receive your sound healing you’ll feel an immediate shift of release into plenty.

Special Offer $197: In this four-week online and live master course you’ll:

Learn a new simple system of prayer that you’ll use over and over again.
Find out what your Divine Authority is and be empowered to speak from it.
Discover the power of calling in the Ascended Masters and Archangels to lift you up into super-powered prayer.
See the importance of Divine Protection and master how to use it.
Get over your shyness and performance anxiety about speaking your prayers out loud.