Lou Reed

Expanding Consciousness

WITH Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Lou Reed

Lou Reed is the founder of  Integrative Medicine Institute & Tribal News TV and Creator of Energy Psychology, Soul Psychology, and Epigenetics Psychology.

Integrative Medicine Institute is an online campus for all things regular schooling forgot to teach you. A place where ancient wisdom meets modern science. Offering world-class training allowing you to create remarkable transformation in all dimensions of your being: mind, body, soul and human connections.

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A 6 day training to dive deep into the 5 key elements of your energy system. You’ll experience energy trainings, energy journeyings, energy clearings and EFT or tapping. At the end of this training, you’ll know how to work with your own energy system. How to move blocks to bring health, love, clarity, purpose, money… to bring you into Coherence.

Valued at $1997 Summit Offer $197

A 6 month deep dive into the 6 key elements of your energy system to activate the latent systems that when Coherent can be activated connecting the physics of the quantum field to the biology of our energy field a built-in radio receiver that decodes frequency carrying vital information as we uncover the map of our destiny, our archetypal lesson plan, and our pre destine soul contracts.

This training is normally offered at $1997
We have the vision to create a ripple of Integrative Medicine around the world.

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