Krishna Kaur Khalsa

Breath is the Guardian of Health

with Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Krishna Kaur 

Krishna Kaur, a dynamic, heart centered Yoga teacher, began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1970 and has passionately taught the art and science of Kundalini Yoga and Self Awareness for over 40 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her teaching in Africa, Mexico, and inner cities throughout the United States. A master teacher trainer of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, she conducts workshops in Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Krishna is the regional coordinator for 3HO Africa, which unites Kundalini Yoga in Africa. Krishna also founded and runs Y.O.G.A. for Youth, a non-profit dedicated to training yoga teachers to work with at-risk youth.

Get comfortable and ready to breathe, in this interview Krishna guides us on a transformational journey of breath, prana, life force.

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Monday Night Kundalini Yoga + MeditationThis invigorating class is designed to keep us healthy and safe during these times.

Every Friday, Krishna offers an online kundalini yoga meditation practice from 11:15am to 12:15pm PDT. It may include mantra and or a specific breath technique. It is open to all.

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