Josiah Brandt

Expressing Life by Divine Design

with founder of the Neville Goddard School of Imagination, Josiah Brandt
Josiah develops and hosts online courses, workshops, seminars and retreats focused on igniting creativity, empowering the wisdom and beauty of the human imagination, and honoring the dignity of the human spirit.
Josiah is enthusiastic with vast knowledge and understanding of the mystical ideology of Neville and other consciousness leaders of Neville’s era.  I find this work deeply inspiring, thought provoking, and so much fun, I think you will too!

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The Authentic Power Livestream Series brought to you by the Neville Goddard School of Imagination: This series of livestream classes explores the application of the Creative Power of Imagination through the lens of four compelling topics:

1. Birthright: Mind and Speech
2. The Divine Design
3. Eternal Youth
4. Quality of Consciousness

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