Alkywan Light Spheres

ALKYWAN Light Spheres are brought to us from the Angelic realm.  They are here to assist with individual ascension into the Golden Realm of 5D New Earth and higher.  They are also here to collectively assist our planet and humanity in this time of Ascension.  These beautiful Spheres hold the Angelic Code of the New Human Blueprint.

If you have your own Alkywan Light Sphere you can use it both personally and for assisting in this global Ascension shift.  If you do not have your own sphere you can also assist by tuning in to the Light Sphere meditations and amplifying the frequencies of ascension through your biofield and body and anchoring them into the earth and sun.  

The Source Light which is amplified through the Alkywan Light Spheres is available to ALL who wish to be a part of it! It is collaborative, expanding, and blessing all who choose to collaborate with it!

Some words from Stepan, creator of ALKYWAN:

“This technology comes here from the spirit world,through the seventh dimension from the world of angelic beings. It is not based on magnetic energy and therefore cannot be copied or misused. It is for souls who want to become angels. One can become an angel during their physical lifetime. Naturally, the subatomic structure within the physical body will change. 

From the outside, the body looks the same. The silica in the spheres balances the psychic energy flow in the body so that the kundalini energy can safely rise and open the third eye. The New Earth ascended human requires more silica in their form. They will need the stimulation of the “sand crystals” in the pineal gland to better understand communications from the Codes of Light.

For instance, holding a 2in ball from a pair of mini balls in the left hand during meditation steps up the frequencies and energies for the pineal gland (third eye chakra). A small crystal sphere placed on the forehead over the third eye is a powerful charger when meditating.

The silica found in our bodies is in the form of crystals. The silica in the connective tissues bind the body cells together. Silica is a prominent part of brain tissues also. So one of the main goals of these products is to help people enter the New Earth, golden realm.”

Thank you for your role in the earth and humanity’s ascension!

Here are some pictures of the Alkywan Light Sphere products and sizes:

ALKYWAN Customer Price List 2023 (Scroll down for current specials)

Thank you for your interest in purchasing ALKYWAN Light Spheres, Divine Light Technology from the Angelic realm designed to assist with the Ascension of Earth and Humanity!

Alkywan’s unique light spheres are handmade of the highest quality lead-free ingredients, uniquely composed of many elements and treated with a high silicon compound content in glass. These beautiful original pieces are primarily used to clear energy, harmonize spaces and balance the biofields of all living organisms. 

Silica is said to be the most perfect healing stone and can be used to solve any problem. It brings the chakras  into  harmony  and alignment with the higher subtle bodies.  Silica protects  against  negative  energies, reduces  the  risk of infectious diseases and stimulates the immune system.  

The larger Alkywan Light Spheres come with a quality oak wood base, white LED lights and power adapter.  Thus,  the  properties  of  the  spheres  also  spread  into  space  by the transmission  of  photons,  which  leads  to  the  promotion  of  the  transformation of digital pollution, the elimination of various negative influences and the neutralization of geological anomalies. They help to relieve stress, establish a higher mental well-being and improve sleep.  They create excellent conditions for meditation  and spiritual development.

The spheres are hand made by real people in Europe and the process takes time.  Please understand that after placing your order there will be a wait time of up to 6 weeks as your order is being made and shipped. Usually it will not take that long, but delays in production, customs, and shipping do occasionally happen so please be patient.  We will always do our best to get your order to you in the shortest time frame.

Alkywan Light Spheres are now available in five sizes. 

The MINI Sphere has a diameter of 1.2 inches. It is the smallest Sphere we offer and is perfect for carrying in a pocket or handbag. The Mini provides spiritual support, protection, and balance to the individual who is carrying it. This size may pose a choking hazard to small children, please do not offer it to small children without adult supervision.

The BALANCER Spheres come as a pair (a set of 2 spheres). Each Sphere has a diameter of 2 inches. These Spheres are the perfect size to hold during meditation.  They harmonize and balance the biofield, quiet the mind, and provide energetic support.  They are designed to be used as a set and it is not recommended to split up the set for two users, but rather for one user to keep the pair.

The FLOW Sphere comes with a wooden base and has a diameter of 3.9 inches. This sphere has all of the capabilities of the larger spheres and is most suitable for smaller spaces and personal use.

The ACCELERATOR Sphere (our best seller) comes with a wooden base and has a diameter of 4.7 inches. This beautiful  sphere  cleans  the  environment quickly even in large apartments, houses, business spaces or yoga practice areas where many people congregate daily. 

The MASTER Sphere comes with a wooden base and has a diameter of 5.9 inches. This Sphere is for true spiritual  adepts and individuals who have already undergone detoxification of body and mind. It is great for use in spiritual centers and for practitioners who work with many people. The Master can clear large spaces. It is the largest and most powerful product Alkywan offers. (It is also the most complicated to manufacture.)

*The Pendant is 1” flat, not spherical and is designed to be paired with a larger Light Sphere (3.9” or larger). The pendant has the Alkywan logo laser engraved inside and it is designed to uplift and protect the soul and the heart of the one who wears it.  *The pendant is back!

It is best to place an ALKYWAN Light Sphere in the middle of your home, business, or property and let it do its job. 

Use the Spheres for spiritual amplification in meditation and prayer, for balancing the energy field, clearing distortions from your field, and spiritual healing.

*Protect the Spheres from direct sunlight as it may amplify the sun’s light and heat resulting in fire.


  • Alkywan products are not medical devices and do not replace medical care. 
  • Waxela and other Alkywan representatives do not give medical advice. 
  • Always place the sphere on a stable, level surface where it will be protected from impact and strong wind.  
  • Protect the sphere from frost or drastic changes in temperature and extreme temperatures. 
  • Protect the sphere from direct sunlight. 
  • Keep the sphere out of the reach of children.  
  • Protect the sphere from falling, impact, or mechanical  damage.  
  • Do  not  step  on the sphere. 
  • Do not put the sphere in pool accessories, in a microwave oven, gas/electric oven, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher. 

We have five size options in the Spheres, and a pendant which can be purchased with any of the larger Spheres (3.9” and up).  

Shipping is an additional charge, the exact shipping price will be calculated and charged at the time of shipment. Customers outside the USA are responsible for import taxes or duties.


1" octagon
$ 288


1.2" diameter
$ 422

Balancers (pair)

2" diameter
$ 1,369


3.9" diameter
$ 1,444


4.7" diameter
$ 2,222


5.9" diameter
$ 3,333

September Specials:

The Pendant is back in production! When you purchase an ALKYWAN balancer set or any of the larger Spheres you will receive $100 off a pendant.  Use coupon 100pendant


This month receive Free shipping in the continental USA and Europe *except Sweden

Resource Center:

Video- Showing the different products and sizes:

Video- Getting started guide, how to use your Alkywan Spheres:

Alkywan Photon Protocol Practice Booklet

Alkywan Spheres are a portal (like an antenna) to amplify intelligent source energy.  They begin working with you as soon as you place an order!  Source energy is already ACTIVATED, you do not need anyone to activate your light sphere.  You can use your intention and connection to allow, direct, recieve, and share the energy.  

You do not even need protocols.  The protocol book is simply an accessory for those who desire some assistance and direction.  You can continuously upgrade the way you work and play with this energy, so I encourage you not to get “stuck” in the idea that you need protocols, but you can have fun with this book and allow it to give you new ideas in how to direct and allow the energy to work with you and others.

Free for you to view or download:

Download link:

Alkywan Sphere Protocol Booklet

*Disclaimer- Alkywan products are not medical devices and this information is not to be considered medical advice.

Alkywan Meditations and Q&A Sessions:

Click the image below to watch-

“Illuminating the Path to Inner Peace: Discovering the Power of ALKYWAN Photon Light Spheres”

“Light is the foundation of all life; the root of all disease is a lack of light in the body”

Time stamps of interest in this video:

8:30 Natural Antiaging & Beauty
9:15 The sun & pure photon light energy
9:45 Why Reiki works
10:43 ALKYWAN clears blockages in the biofield
13:10 How parasites infiltrate people through frequencies
15:10 Amber, licensed clinical mental health counselor testimonial
17:30 Autism testimonial
19:23 Dr Cathleen Gerenger testimonial
22:11 Calming the mind and manifestation
26:00 Memory improvement testimonial
27:25 Energy and money manifestation testimonial
29:36 Yanel’s spiritual experience
32:30 Energizing water w ALKYWAN for agriculture
35:05 comparing the balancer 2″ pair set with the 4.7” sphere
36:30 Revealing the ALKYWAN mini sphere (now available)

Introducing ALKYWAN Light Spheres – the revolutionary new way to experience the benefits of Photon energy.

ALKYWAN Technology harnesses photon light energy to enhance your biofield. Users of ALKYWAN Light Spheres have reported a range of benefits, including cellular regeneration, reduced inflammation, and improved blood flow, leading to innumerable physical and spiritual benefits.

Light Spheres from ALKYWAN Technologies are completely safe and non-invasive, making them the perfect choice for those seeking natural healing alternatives. Simply hold the sphere in your hands, close your eyes, and allow the gentle, soothing photon light to envelop you.

The photon spheres can be a powerful tool to enhance your spiritual practices, meditation and energy healing. Photon energy can help to create a more balanced state of being, promoting the flow of energy and allowing you to tap into your inner peace, wisdom and intuition.

While ALKYWAN light spheres are not medical devices, they are an excellent complement to any existing medical treatment you may be receiving. The spheres are reported by users to alleviate stress, reduce pain, and promote healing, which supports faster recovery and overall well being.

Would you like to experience ALKYWAN light spheres for yourself? The deep sense of calm and inner peace that comes with this revolutionary biofield enhancing modality is meant to be felt and enjoyed. You can tune in to one of our ALKYWAN meditations and feel the photon energy virtually.

In Sarasota, Florida you can visit Opt for Light Rejuvenation Center where you can experience sitting in their “I AM” Lounge with an ALKYWAN master sphere. 

Try ALKYWAN today. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for it.